Emelia Brobbey Reveals How Much Kumawood Stars Are Paid

imagesIn an exclusive interview on the “Late Nite Celebrity Show” on e.TV hosted by Giovanni Caleb, Kumawood Ghanaian actress Emelia Brobbey revealed how much she and her colleagues earn per movie based on actors popularity and status in the industry.

Emelia further explained that depending on the number of times you get a script to shoot a movie and how to manage ones money . “Most of us earn between GHC 500 to GHC 3,000 per movie. This depends on your level, because we have regulars and lead characters. So the more movies you make, the more money you earn”.

She also added that the directors aid the Kumahood stars a lot in terms of the translation especially from English to the Twi dialect when using scripts.


Monica Otumfuor


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