E’MPraise Inc to launch new album with grand concert

Bowl-Of-NutsA non denominational ministry E’MPraise Incorporation is set to launch the new album with a major concert dubbed ‘Absolute Worship’ at the National Theatre on July 6.

E’MPraise, a group of young people who are passionate about the gospel, is holding this two in one concert to serve God with his deserving praise.

As passionate as they are about the gospel, the group which is an assembly of worshippers and minstrels from different churches noted that they also want God to use them wholeheartedly to preach his word hence the channel to propagate the message is music.

“Our passion lies in making any unwilling heart submissive to the Father through the power that flows from true worship and praise, they mentioned,” the group said in a statement.

E’Mpraise Inc also maintained that this concert is not only outdooring the new album but to create a holy ground where true worshippers can worship the Father without any restrictions.

The contemporary music group explained that the songs on the album are their own compositions and they are the perfect songs for worshiping God.

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