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Empress Njamah and Genevieve Nnaji- healthy competition or rivalry?


Empress Njamah and Genevieve Nnaji- healthy competition or rivalry?

Though there is no known rivalry between Nollywood stars, Genevieve Nnaji and Empress Njamah, but latest development suggests one might be on way soon. The two make-believe queens are good at what they do and have respectively commanded a good fan base too.

imagesRivalry in Nollywood, which some describe as a scandalous industry, is not new to many movie buffs. In fact, the industry has strived through such and controversies.

Recently, Genevieve Nnaji re-launched her clothing line, St Genevieve, which was first launched some years ago. To make a statement, after her comeback, the actress ensured that interested in her wears get them at the comfort of their homes via the internet. The move has since been applauded by many.

However, Empress Njamah has now launched her own clothing line, Of Empress, which has pitched her as a competitor to Genevieve in the fashion business.

To push her business forward, Empress released some photographs to promote her clothing line and reactions from her have shown that she might give Genevieve a run for her money in the booming business.

For now, industry watchers are keen on seeing how both would fair in the business.


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