Enough Is Enough!… I Have Taken Insults For Too Long- Gifty Osei

Enough Is Enough!… I Have Taken Insults For Too Long- Gifty Osei

imagesGospel songstress Gifty Osei who has not been happy about insults she receives from her followers on social media platforms have asked such persons to either un-follow her or she will be forced to block them.

“I have taken the insults for too long and I think the time to take action is now. It is very disheartening that I wake up in the morning and read messages that are full of insults either on my facebook wall or my inbox. I mean how, it is not fair, not at all, not to us who are public figures or into show business.

“The painful part is that, these are people who do not know anything about you and even if you want to say something or comment on my post or picture, should it be an insult? I upload pictures and people have issues with my pictures,” she said in an interview with livefmghana.com.

Asked if she doesn’t expects to be trolled given her public status, she said: “I am human and so long as I have life and I am living, I am still learning. Moreover when I came into the music scene, I was well received by Ghanaians and that is something I really appreciate but that does not give them the freedom to be attacking my personality.

“I have a life to live and I should be free to do so without anyone abusing and insulting me. For God sake I am human.”

“Someone sent me a friend request on facebook and I accepted and then the person sends a message to thank me for acceptance. After a while this same person sent me another message with insults just because I posted a picture the person was not happy about on my wall and for me such attitudes are uncalled for and they should not be encouraged.”

A celebrated gospel musician, she released her debut album Aseda in 2007. It was a huge hit.

Gifty had her basic education at the Mantey Din and New Oninku JSS, all in Tema, before learning fashion designing. She is married to Tema-based Pastor Prince Elisha Osei.

She was recently honored with a Best Female Gospel Musician award in Italy.



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