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Ericas first interview with Africa Magic after being disqualified from the BBnaija house.



Ericas first interview with Africa Magic after being disqualified from the BBnaija house.

The ex housemate, Erica who got disqualified due to her unruly behavior had her first interview with Africa Magic on Monday.

Erica reveals why she got attracted to Kiddwaya in her interview. She said she chose him and got attracted to him because they had similar personalities and had a connection. There where speculations she was attracted to him because of his wealth. She however admitted she doesn’t think the billionaire’s son feels the same way she does and she doesn’t care.

When asked what attracted her to Kiddwaya, Erica said “we are both carefree and have similar personalities. Our conversations flowed naturally and we are both big babies.”

They were one of the favorite couples in the house.

Erica also mentioned Kiddwaya played a role in her getting strikes which later led to her disqualification but she admitted it is still her responsibility. However she said she also played a role in him getting strikes too.

She also went on to reveal what actually went wrong in her relationship with Laycon. She explained her relationship with Laycon got sour after the latter lied about her trying to kiss him a couple of times.

She said “what went wrong in my relationship with Laycon is when he started telling people I tried to kiss him. In my knowledge this happened just once and I was intoxicated.”

“He knew if not for alcohol that wouldn’t have happened but he lied that I tried to kiss him a couple times.”

She affirmed she doesn’t hate Laycon, she was just pissed at him.

She further mentioned that now that she’s done with BBNaija, she would like to pursue her career in acting, she would love to be a brand ambassador to numerous brands, go into real estate and be an ambassador for beauty brands.

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