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Ewuraffe was forced to say I raped her – KKD


Ewuraffe was forced to say I raped her – KKD

imagesKwesi Kyei Darkwah, the celebrated Ghanaian broadcaster who was was recently freed after being implicated in a rape case involving a young adult, has for the first time spoken publicly on the issue.

Speaking to Starr FM’s evening drive co-host Bola Ray on Tuesday, Darkwah, who has since the incident avoided commenting on the issue says the said lady was forced to admit she was raped.

“I just knew that the truth would come out and that day I was just there [at the police station] and we were served the bill of indictment, the so called victim’s statement. How do you say somebody says they have been raped, somebody who actually before four witnesses at the police station said ‘I have not been raped why are you forcing me to say I was raped.

“There were four witnesses; of course only one of them a nurse, is dead.”

A case that traveled some weeks, he was arrested at the African Regent Hotel on December 27, 2014 after a complaint was lodged by a young man who has since been identified as the lady’s boyfriend.


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