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Ex-Doe clears the air on his Maba lyrics against Rockstone


Ex-Doe clears the air on his Maba lyrics against Rockstone

Hip-life artiste, Ex-Doe has for the first time broken his silence on his Maba track which was said to be a response to Reggie Rockstone’s popular tag line Oseikrom President.

The Daavi Medekuku hit maker in an interview on Hitz Fm’s Showbiz Today programme hosted by Bola Ray, referred to Reggie Rockstone, the Grand Papa of hip-life’s tag line, as a “loose talk in the hip-hop world” who needed to be responded to.

According to Ex-Doe, “Hip-hop is hip-hop and you cannot change it. When you drop any loose talk, people will use it on you, you know what I mean, but it’s hip-hop. If you are living in Accra and you are saying you are Oseikrom President, it makes me feel like oh that’s a loose line…”

Re-living the song in question, X-Doe rapped the first verse which served as a response to, in his own words, the “loose line” often used by the originator of hip-life.

In the lyrics of the 1999 hit song, Ex-Doe said,

“Rasta wonti reggae wose wo y3 rapper.” (Rasta can’t speak reggae; you say you are a rapper)

“Me die menim se wo ye dancer.” (I know you are a dancer) …

…Wose wo fre woho President wonsoa won te wo resident wanhwe a mede wo beto internet ma obiaa ate wonka. (You call yourself President, you don’t live in a residence…)

In spite of the lyrics, Ex-Doe said he had nothing against Reggie Rockstone and he sees him as a big brother.

Meanwhile, the hip-life artiste is planning a major come back onto the Ghanaian music scene and urged his fans to expect something new from him.

Ex-Doe’s music career gained prominence after his famous beef with his friend, Chicago, over who owned the hit song, Daavi Mede kuku released in the late 1990s.


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