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Ex-husband Godson Boakye and Police vandalise my home | Afia Schwarzenegger


Ex-husband Godson Boakye and Police vandalise my home | Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger with her ex-husband

Afia with her ex-husband


“Dear IGP,

Last night my ex-husband sent some thugs led by his brother Dennis Boakye into my house to vandalise my children in my absence …. Ages 15 and 2. The thugs who claim they are from Nima were escorted by a police Tundra Reg Gp3784.

The policemen who by the way were in their uniform folded their arms and watch these people terrorising my children,breaking my doors and breaking my glasses…I just want to know from You and your men on what grounds do the police escort someone who is not allowed 5 metres closer to my house by court to that same house…is the police above the court…,

I want to know if the police is now an escort agent to thugs? If anything happens to my children Mr IGP…I have You and your men to blame!!!!

The case is in court and I wasn’t expecting the police to conclude a case that is still pending in court.”

The fire-brand entertainer’s outburst should definitely attract the attention of the police chief if found to be true.

By Antwi Odrey


From being a pioneer of UT FINANCIAL SERVICES in Ghana to Senior Administrator of FINANCIAL SERVICE COMPENSATION SCHEME in UK - financial regulatory body, safety net - to Budget Analysts of NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION in USA. I am determined to change the face of Blogging in Ghana. ITS ALL A MATTER OF TIME with your assistance. ✌️

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