Exclusive 30 seconds with Anniwaa Buachie (Ghanaian-British Actress)

Exclusive 30 seconds with Anniwaa Buachie (Ghanaian-British Actress)

Anniwaa Buachie
Anniwaa Buachie

Antwi Odrey: Tell us about how you ended up as an actor? Any motivation, challenges and dislikes etc. 

Anniwaa Buachie: I can’t actually remember when it all began. I mean, as the youngest out of 4 I was always so animated, so lively as a child. I was a very inquisitive and bold child! I enjoyed provoking a reaction, portraying a different life to my own life, it’s addictive that need to delve into another world, a world which makes you think if your reality is heaven or hell, or both. That is how I ended up being an actress, feeding my addiction for life, fantasies and dreams.


Antwi Odrey: What movies, tv-shows or series have you featured in?

Anniwaa Buachie: I have recently finished working on seasons 3 of critically acclaimed US tv show: Survivor’s Remorse. It was an honor to work with fantastic actress: Tichina Arnold, Teyonah Parris and Erica Ash. It was inspirational to share the screen with 3 talented black women who despite their monumental achievements were humble, caring and beyond professional. Survivor’s Remorse (Starz) is a great show and in some way expresses the trials and celebrations of stepping out of your zone to achieve greatness, which as a Ghanaian-British actress in the United States, resonates deep within me.

Antwi Odrey: The latest story in town “you are breaking into the American film industry”, share a light on that.

Anniwaa Buachie: Oh wow….where do I start. I decided to throw myself in the Lion’s Den of LA and wow! What an adventureIMG_9010! I feel that as a Ghanaian- British actor a non- American Citizen, you really push yourself. You have something to prove to yourself! Emotionally, spiritually, financially, you need to be ready! The move from the UK to the US is definitely worth it! There is a certain magic in the American film industry, in the sense that you are around many talented individuals who have the global power to bring people together, to make a positive impact on society. It’s this attribute which keeps me motivated and hungry, even more ambitious. I know there is a place for me within the American film industry, it’s

encouraging to see so many of my peers do so well in the US Film industry but also sad, as so many African – British have had to leave UK shores to access more diverse roles!

Antwi Odrey: Share your experiences as award winner, the responsibilities associated with it

Anniwaa Buachie: I won the Alan Bates Outstanding Newcomer Award in 2007. It was an amazing achievement which spurred me to find new ways of creating opportunities for up and coming actors. As an award winner you are given all these opportunities to expand your career, free acting classes, meetings with casting directors, directors, producers etc. However what I realized very early on, is that I wanted to create a legacy, something that will proceeds time, which I believe to be a key responsibility for any award winneIMG_9690r. As a black actress it is important to me to inspire future generations of actresses that are like me, black and working class and give those actresses hope that it is possible to achieve great things! The only way that I can do that is by being vulnerable, being proud to show my failures, as I know that it will bring myself and others success.

Antwi Odrey: Finally, what is your take in Ghanaian/Nigerian movies

Anniwaa Buachie: I LOVE Ghanaian/ Nigerian films. I grew up watching these films, it is what contributed to my vivid imagination and my love to create my own dramas. The basis of Ghanaian/ Nigerian films always reflects the cultural responsibility one has to their family, it’s almost like watching an Aesop fable! My long term plan, is actually to invest in the Ghanaian/ Nigerian market and make films that are of the same quality, in terms of production as US / European films. The stories portrayed in Ghanaian/ Nigerian Films are raw, honest, imaginative and vivid, and I would hope that they eventually are watched by all types of people worldwide! This is  a definite possibility!


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