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Exclusive Interview Of Noble Nketsiah By DJ Sly K On Max 102.7 Fm


Exclusive Interview Of Noble Nketsiah By DJ Sly K On Max 102.7 Fm


This Comfort Zone Entertainment interview session is between the interviewer (DJ Sly K) and the interviewee (herein known as Noble Nketsiah)

Background / History:
Professionally started music in the year 2000. He has spent 2 decades in the music industry. His father was a musician who kept a popular band. So he was influenced by his parents to enter into music.

Started at a very humble beginning with a gift from God that influenced all and sundry with a passion that drove them to listen to him.

Marital Status:

Yet to marry this weekend at Accra to a beautiful woman called Eugenia but with one son called Junior.

Role Models:

No single person as a mentor but every sane gospel artiste is his mentor.

Daughters of Glorious Jesus Christ, Mac Abraham, Tagoe Sisters and a host of them influenced his unique style of singing.

Personal Grudge Used For Tracks:

He insisted that he hasn’t used any grudge with someone that had triggered him to release a song but he has over the years used his personal struggles as the lyrics for his songs.

Highest Sold Cassette:

He sold his cassettes till 2007 when it faded from the system and paved way to CDs. For now, he uses social media tools like iTunes, Amazons, eBay and the rest to promote his tracks.

Reaction Towards Criticisms:

He indicated that he is not moved by the masses who criticise his work but is motivated by even one person who may be encouraged by listening to his songs.

Nominations & Awards So Far:

2001 – 6 categories

2002 – 5 categories, won the New Discovery Of The Year

2005 – won the Best Gospel Album Of The Year

2007 – 6 nominations, won Gospel Album Of The Year

Recently won an award from UK with two nominations.

Collaborations with other artistes:

Celestine Donkor
And others

Strategy In Music Career:

Always releasing albums and it was only one occasion that he released two singles but in all, he has 5 albums and 64 songs recorded.

Feelings When People Hype His Songs:

Normal feeling and satisfaction within.

Secret To His Success:

No voodoo but only God’s ultimate power that has taken him through all his success stories.

Concluding Remarks:

In his ending remarks, DJ Sly K entreated all listeners who missed the interview session to log on to for all the audio excerpts and the write up.

—End Of Interview—

BY: Ghanashowbiz Team

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