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Exclusive: RnM confirms split!


Exclusive: RnM confirms split!

After returning to the Vodafone Icons stage last Sunday without third group member, Deniece Williams, RnM have finally public speculation and media reports suggesting a split in the group. They group has stated that RnM will now continue as a group with Natasha and Stephanie.

“As a group we have decided to further explore new opportunities. Natasha and Stephanie will continue with RnM as a duo whilst Deniece will continue as a solo . As three , we understand the importance of supporting each other and being able to make firm and bold decision. The experiences we have shared together as a trio will always bind us and these are memories we will cherish forever.”

They also remain grateful to Vodafone giving them a platform to meet each other and kick-starting their music career. They recounted:

“Just about a year ago, our dreams came true when we won the Vodafone Icons divas edition music reality show. The journey since then has been nothing short of amazing and it will be impossible to choose one single moment we enjoyed the most.”

RnM listed receiving a standing ovation whilst performing the Miss UK, sharing a stage with Trey Songz and DBanj and being mentored by Amber Rose as some of the moments that they will forever hold close to their hearts.

“Vodafone truly lived up to their promise and changed our lives and gave us all the tools we need to reach our potential and more. Knowing very well the opportunities we were given, we’re always the lookout for ways to push ourselves and ways to make sure that we don’t disappoint the very people that have supported us so far” they added.

According to RnM they remain resolute in chasing their dream to become music stars not only in Ghana but also beyond the . They are in recording new music as a duo and will also be performing regularly to grow their career.

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