Exhilarating Performances Brought The Dome Down @ Ghana Meets Naija 2012

Exhilarating Performances Brought The Dome Down @ Ghana Meets Naija 2012

For anyone who didn’t make it to the Yellow Carpet decorated Dome of the Accra International Conference Center last Saturday night may probably have missed a show of a decade for it never was a fluke when the clarion call was made to come out all and witness the lyrical battle, charisma and swag between two countries divided by borders yet united by one passion – music.

Ghana meets Naija was a blast and in a simple parlance, it was ‘perfecto’, with its contents juicy for all the music lovers who made it through to stay put till the wee hours of the morning.

Speaking of contents, we got our hands full with performers stepping up their game as soon as the whistle was blown paving way for Kaaki to open the center stage with her sofa well placed to drive the performance smoothly leading the way for Bino to razzmatazz with outstanding dance steps.

It didn’t end there as the Green White Green counterparts opened their bill with YQ mesmerizing the crowd with his voice. Then Chemphe from Ghana showed why he is the continent’s ‘feeling brother’. Tunes after tunes came and it was like the night was made for cool temperament souls then boom the battle of the DJs kicked off between Ghana’s finest DJ Mensah and Nigeria’s darling kid DJ Neptune.

Empire Entertainment in a quest to include all facet of the music industry revealed plans for a battle between the biggest DJs from both countries on the night. The showdown was termed as a turntable-ist battle royale and for the first time they had to slug it out. Who won in the first half?

As thoughts were running on which country’s Disc Jockey had put up the best display, Guru, Kwaw Kese stunned the crowd leaving them to respond with screams. Then at a point the mood turned into an aluguntungui one with Keche adding more points into Ghana’s basket. Lusika and Sala didn’t do badly for a night much was expected.

Then ever sexy Tiwa Savage came to the rescue with her scintillating voice and drama to savor. Her surprise birthday gift for Ghana was a sight to behold as she showed why the pidgin parlance, ‘Naija no dey carry last’ played a role.

As if the battle was about settling for a draw, Ghana’s best group of the year, 4×4 did what they are known best for and that they didn’t disappoint. Reminiscing their entrée into the scene with songs that brought them this far, the crowd had every reason to show some love all night.

Later on the ‘Oleku’ crooner came up to salvage points for the visitors. The crowd responded to every tunes of Brymo but exploded at the sound of ‘Ara’ as they sang along leading them into the performers of the boys who have refused to be broke – R2Bees. In their usual fashion, the duo showed why they are always on top.

He needed no introduction as he did it himself with the intro of, ‘…on the beat is Davido’, and the song that has become a hymn on the lips – Dami Duro blew his shirt and trouser off his body leaving his packs for the female fans to count. The ladies’ man turned the heats on and then it was time for the jury to decide.

And then the dénouement was here as the wait was for the short black boy from the city of Jos in Nigeria took his rightful place to seal the deal for the visitors. Mister Incredible turned the throng who had vigil all night into choristers as they sang along line by line. It is no fluke that M.I by popular demand has been crowned the ‘African Rapper Number One’, so when it was time for him to render the hit that has brought him the designation; he set the roof on fire.

There were no blips in proceedings on the night as the MCs from both countries in the persons of KOD and Julius ‘d Genius’ Agwu cracked the ribs of every Tom, Dick and Harry that strolled down the aisle of Ghana meets Naija.

Last year was literary concluded that Ghana swept the day. This year we shall leave the judging rights to you again to tell who got the bragging rights.

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor

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