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Faithful by Okyeame Kwame ft. Bertha Reviewed


Faithful by Okyeame Kwame ft. Bertha Reviewed

took a step back in time the 70's with his latest video for the new single “faithful”, which is a mellower sound for Kwame, floating on its nearly ethereal backing synths and drums. It is written by Okyeame Kwame and Bertha, winner of Stars of the future season 4. Faithful is the first single off Okyeame Kwame's upcoming album likely to be tittled “The and Nurses”. The video was finally shot in February after several weeks of postponements and only a few days ago.

The video set in the 1970s is edited and presented in black and white, a factual inaccuracy; as of the 1950's colour Televisions were available. Costumingis excellent, from dresses for the ladies to suits for the men, even foot wears are spot on especially for the ladies and also for Kwame who spotted a Gucci shoe which is perfect as Gucci was launched in 1921. The dance sequence and chorography is simply amazing, especially Okyeame Kwame's Slide but if you blinked you would have missed that. The video compliments the song and would easily pass for Okyeame Kwame's best Video. The director, Abraham Ohene Gyan did a great job, the photography is good and the shots are great to say the least.

Indeed, the video might be Abrahams Ohene Gyan's best work in recent times. The Video is completely different from any video Kwame has ever shot. It might be the first of its kind so well done. In spite of its obvious imperfections, this video stands tall compared to other videos with past themes.

Faithful is an amazing and welcome relief from all the “ass” shaking and nudity ruling the Ghana music Video scenes today. It is refreshing and sets a new standard; it leaps so high that it almost has no videos to compare to. That notwithstanding, a better job could have been done with the plot; the video tends to be a little too autonomous but to the credit of the director, excitement is sustained to the end of the video. The locations could have been varied as the 1970's has so much to boost of. From Cars, to disco's through Sexy and stylish hot pants, jumpsuits, halter necks and clingy fabrics.







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