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Fake eyelash beautiful but dangerous…


Fake eyelash beautiful but dangerous…

221Eyelash fixing has become an increasingly popular trend in the fashion world, becoming a must – have for women seeking perfection and a glamorous look, however, neglecting it’s health implications . Artificial eyelashes can also be seen as one that isn’t genuine, real or natural.

Fake eyelashes are nothing new; for decades, beauty queens, celebrities and models have been using fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions to enhance their natural beauty. As with most things celebrity-oriented, fake eyelashes have become a commonality among the masses, and young girls are flocking to local beauty saloons to get the latest look from stars.

Using fake eyelashes is by far the easiest and cheapest way to achieve the much-desired ultra-feminine, sexy look, and the fixing of eyelashes have become an increasing popular trend that every fashionista is following, especially one that wants to look perfect, prim and proper.

But it is beautiful and harmful at the same time, harmful because if not properly handled, the glue can get into one’s eyes and since it contains chemicals, it can cause a lot of problems for the eyes like cornea inflation, irritation and alteration to the eyes.

Also, the use of harmful chemicals on the eyelashes can cause them to fall quicker than they naturally would and artificial lashes cause the eyelashes to shed quicker than they are supposed to.

The pressure exerted in fixing the lashes can also cause damage to the hair follicles of the eyelids, thus making the natural lash to become sparse, brittle and break off easily due to too much pressure on them, leading to slow growth or it even stops their growth permanently.

When visited some victims they had different stories to tell. Miss Behnia Ogodo does not have such belief. She said that depending on where you got them fixed and the quality of lash used, you can do whatever activity you want with false lashes like swimming, bathing and washing the face even though people think that when you have it fixed you cannot wash your face properly and it is normal to her that she has tasted it and can’t quit.

On the other hand, a student of mass communication, Chidera has vowed never to fix fake lashes again. According to her, it made her very uncomfortable and itchy, and she kept having the feeling that there was something wrong with her eyes as she felt heaviness all around. Probably it was due to the fact that it was her first time, but not withstanding, she does not want to go through the stress again and has resigned herself to using her mascara as she has always done.

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