Fame really scares me – Ric Hassani

Fame really scares me – Ric Hassani

FB_IMG_1451439890899olIn an interview  with Ric Hassani admitted  that fame scares him but he only wants to be a positive impact in other people’s  lives. Ric explained that “What i really want is to be used by God for something great. i’m not just trying to be famous and look cool and the extra. To be very honest, fame really scares me alot. I’m a shy person, well.. not exactly shy but I’d say; careful person. I really like peace, i really like just… being peaceful and simple and going about a simple and personally fulfilling and nice life. There’s alot of pandemonium and just weird stuff that goes with fame. Fame is alot. I just want to be used by God to do good and great things, I think that’s a kind of satifaction that cannot be bought. I’m really a student of life, and I’m just.. continously fascinated by life, existence, creation, and the creator. I want to be used by God for something great.”

The African gentleman known in real life as Ric Hassani is a Nigerian  born singer/ song writer who does  Afro pop music. He released his first  single  in 2012 ‘Dance Dance Baby Dance’, and followed up with the single called ‘Double Double’. The new single is called ‘Gentleman’ and is the first single off my album “The African Gentleman” scheduled for release summer 2016.
Ric started  singing  from the age of 5 and was surrounded  by siblings  in the choir. He joined  the choir rehearsals because there were always  Meat pie  which he loved. He joined  the choir at the age of 9 and his love for music grew along the years.
I shared some of his philosophy about his career


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