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Fans Ridicule Mercy Johnson Over Nigeria Passport For Daughter


Fans Ridicule Mercy Johnson Over Nigeria Passport For Daughter

thumb.aspxNobody can really tell why Mercy Johnson has suddenly become a subject of ridicule whenever she tries to be a true born of the soil. Recently, the sultry actress, Mercy, who has been in the United State of America for more than four months now was at the Nigerian High Commission, Washington DC to pick a passport for her daughter in preparation for their homecoming. Having received warm treatment there, Mrs. Okojie went on her timeline to display her anxiety and how she was well treated obtaining the passport but it’s a different ball game entirely with some of her fans who started lampooning her. The actress, who went to the embassy in company of her close friend, also posted a picture of herself and her friend in front of the high commission’s office with these message, “Obama has nothing on me peeps, am proud to be a Nigerian, just left the Nigerian Embassy in Washington DC. My God they were all so welcoming. Am most honored.” Shortly after she posted this, critics started ridiculing her; read what they posted:


*You are so proud, yet you run go yankee go born American citizen! na so you dey deceive yourself!


*Yes because you are a Nigerian celebrity…..regular Naija person, don’t get special treatment, Naija embassy home and abroad have no customer service, rude, nasty, and unorganized

*Mercy J is my girl any time, but I get a fault with her for her saying that she is proud being Nigeria. If so, why didn’t she give birth to her baby in Nigeria?.Make una think about this and if I may ask, how many Americans traveled to Nigeria just to give birth? No long thing my brodas.


*You are so proud to be a Nigerian but you went to USA to give birth? *WOW Lady, you don’t know how to keep it real. If she’s so proud of Nigeria why didn’t she have her baby there, liar! Me I’m not proud of the country so I had my baby in the UK. Mercy just be honest

*Vking well said…she is proud to be Naija and went to America to give birth…visit naija embassy in Rome, Italy you will think twice to issue such statement of being proud of our embassies abroad. Am a proud Nigerian though…. These are just a few of the comments retrieved from those who tweeted to her tweet.

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