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Farmers Association holds press conference


Farmers Association holds press conference

Press conference held yesterday at Asikesu .
In Ghana, cocoa is the leading principal industrial crop besides oil palm, coconut and coffee with Rubber as emerging crop”.

Over the years, cocoa have created a lot of impacts in the national economy and is still making a very special contribution to Ghana’s development above it’s role as the principal supplier of export.

The money used to finance the advancement of the modernization of mother Ghana comes almost exclusively from the cocoa industry.

Till date some cocoa farmers are not benefiting from the COCOA SCHOLARSHIP schemes and the HOSPITALS built by their sweat. It is very sad to know that, One of the predominant cocoa growing area like Asikesu Odomasi West Akyem has now turned to be a Rubber growing area.

Most Ghanaian farmers engaged in the cocoa industry earn their livelihood from cocoa farming but its rather unfortunate mismanagement of leadership role is affecting the core value and goal of our cocoa plantation.

Thousands of hectare’s of cocoa plantation has been cut down in exchange of growing rubber whiles cocoa plantation exceed all the industrial crops in Ghana.

Since cocoa support Ghana’s economy more than any other crop, it would not be wise enough to cut down an existing economic crop to plant another economic plant.

It is unfortunate the statement made by the chairman of COCOBOD, Hackman Owusu Agyeman on phone which was on loud speaker has discouraged thousands of cocoa farmers in Ghana. He said and I quote “it is an economic situation a farmer can choose to destroy his cocoa and plant rubber as if government is the one doing it, we should stop putting politics into this”. The farmers are now asking me, so if a whole chairman is saying this then where lies the future of cocoa in Ghana? one also said, he will then lead the campaign of rubber plantation.

We the concern farmers association of Ghana knows that COCOBOD is lying to Nana Akuffo Addo the president like the way they lied to Ex. President John Mahama.

Nana must know the truth about the destruction of cocoa plantations in Ghana in exchange for Planting rubber.

We know the love our president have for our lovely farmers. We voted for him because of the agricultural promises he made but now it seems he have turn his back on us, he told us we should act like citizens but not spectators.

With the above statement made, we are respectfully telling the authorities to inform the president to react to our press conference made today given him 48 hours to respond or should he fails to do so, then he should resign as the president of Republic of Ghana.

Challenges in Asikesu township
1.Majority of the youth have left the township to Kasoa, Accra etc.
4. Very high cost of living

We will also alert the international community to stop supporting cocoa in Ghana because COCOBOD is not serious on the cocoa business in Ghana.

Cocoa Ghana
Cocoa Ghana
Ghana cocoa , has now turn Ghana rubber.

Thank you all for coming, may the good Lord bless you all for doing a good job for mother Ghana.


Concern farmers association of Ghana.
Nana Oboadie Opambour Boateng Bonsu ll.

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