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Call her the latest Diva in town and, you will not be wrong, Louisa Atongo Jacobs is the newest voice in the music industry whose dream is to glow like an oath tree in the middle of a forest, untouchable with the first single ‘FEVER’.

‘The Louisa FEVER is deadly but harmless, if it grabs you, the only remedy is to keep playing it over and over again, she lamented.

In explaining her FEVER, Louisa said, ‘the latter is the title of my first single and I chose FEVER because of the kind of songs I will be channeling, simply put I will give out songs that will heal wounds and mend souls’.

Louisa, who attended Winneba Senior high school, is a product of University of Ghana and she started singing when she was in JHS from the school choir plus most of the times she mimicked America super star Diva Missy Elliot during entertainment shows.

It has been that journey of having passionate feel for music that has brought her (Louisa) this far and talking about her chances in the game, she jokily said, ‘as a means of business, if I step on any toe as I climb to the top then so be it’.

Further she said, FEVER came as a result of getting inspiration from listening to songs from Jenifer Lopez, Kelly Rolland, Ciara, and Missy Elliot herself, hence she was hopeful that the FEVER single will spread faster than the illness fever its self.

For somebody who wants to the best in what she does, from music to movies, Louisa has the desire to do show business to the fullest, including the possibility of hosting a television show on our local stations soon after staring in the movie “Other Side’ plus Home Sweet Home TV series.

‘I am as focused as any other female singer in the game, even though I am not here to watch them but to join them, I want Ghanaians plus the world to know there was a Louisa who had the hit FEVER one day when I am gone’, her smiles won’t stop showing.

Finally, Louisa thanked all Djs in the capital who have her CD and has promised to play it, to Daniel Obeng, well wishers, family and her newly building fan base.

It’s the Louisa FEVER which gives strength and make s you fit instead of making you fall sick, tune in to a local station near you for the first time exclusive.

Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/

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