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F*ck the media” says Gafacci


F*ck the media” says Gafacci

Recently, I ran a post that had it that Dee Moneey born Desmond Amoah had left D Black's Black Musik Avenue record label. Over the week articles appeared on the internet doing followups on the issue.

One of these such articles on Ghana had it that, D Black, the CEO of Black Avenue Musik, verified the rumor and claimed the split was amicable. Yet no official reason was given for the so-called  amicable split.

In an attempt to find out what could have disrupted the smooth between the two Desmonds and Gafacci, I made contact with few in the showbiz industry. The answers I got were superimposing blame on Dee Moneey and Gafacci for the split. Some claimed Dee Moneey was full of himself and others claimed Gafacci was being disrespectful to D-Black.

As these information was actually not from any of the parties involved I decided not to take heed to them but to contact the people involved in the issue.

Contacting D Black he sent me a message via twitter which read, “G, dont make this an issue. Dee moneey is doin his thing n Black Avenue Muzik also doing theirs. Its no beef. Lets leave it @ that yh”.

I felt I was going too hard on the whole thing and decided to take cue from the message and let it be.

However, Gafacci, I had sent a message to earlier, requesting his official words on the issues replied in an incredulously shocking manner with the words, “F*CK THE MEDIA”.

Shocked by his words I simply replied “WOW”.

For I could not come to terms with the fact that, he could actually spew such disdain towards the media, who have made him who he is today. Excuse me if I sound a bit annoyed, but sincerely I see this as an insult to the who industry of media people working for the better of the showbiz industry.

I began to see why people claim Gafacci was disrespectful and full of himself. With this twist in the issue, I feel that if there is anyone is to be blamed for this split between Dee Moneey and D-Black, it surely cannot be D-Black. If Gafacci can use such splitting words on the media, I'm sorry but in my candid opinion he will not go very far in the showbiz industry, for the industry depends on the media.

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