Feature: What Kirk Franklin has in common with Adom FM

357119291_478937.pngCome to think of it, Kirk Franklin’s fine looks could have just made him a fortune simply splashing the front pages of several lifestyle magazines as a model.

But No – He chose to crook under microphones in dimly-lit recording studios, honing his voice, humming his lyrics until they were good enough to wake the world up and behold – a global gospel superstar.

Come to think of it, Adom FM could have been content just providing quality radio programmes to a voracious media audience.

But No- They chose to crack their wits, comb contacts everywhere, carve out events and behold – Ghana’s reverberating source of world-class gospel entertainment.

And on 3rd August, these two larger than life entities meet on the same stage for Adom Praiz 2013.

Make no mistake about what Adom Fm is doing. They are carving out Ghana’s most sought-after gospel event apart from Christmas and Easter.

And watch this space, they will get there.

There is a fine but strong thread running through Adom Fm’s programming style and Kirk’s choice of songs.

Both are very contemporary. Adom FM’s programmes are not bookish. If you don’t understand ‘Amicus Curiae’, then you are their man. Simple, very relational and everyday concerns – SHS school fees increment and the state of markets.

Kirk sings about contemporary challenges, social issues. He appeals to everybody even non-Christians. If you don’t know the theological term ‘Ecclesiology’, then you are his audience.

He does not over-spiritualize things. He sings about people’s daily fears. Listen to Hello Fear.

And Imagine Me; a line in it says “this song is dedicated to people like me; those that struggle with insecurities, acceptance and even self-esteem”.

How many people cannot relate with a theme like this?

So mark out the date, choose a friend to go with, get an energy drink, pick up a ticket, and get ready;

Come 3rd August 2013, the Perez Dome will come alive.

Because a man who sings for people like you, will step on an Adom Praiz platform that thinks of an audience just like you.


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