imagesFelix Owusu popular Ghanaian High life artiste who sang the popular song “waben oh wana beto bio ade na waben…….” Gave money to Shattarako last year October to work on the song to be released on25th of November. It was to be launched in USA last year but wasn’t possible because the cds were not ready. Felix gave an amount of 1600 cedis to Shattarako to produce cds for him. Shattarako doubles as a musician and a businessman. The making of cds is a trade he is well known for both in Ghana and abroad. The “waben oh”hit maker saw a copy of cd Shattarako had made and liked it and it was cheaper compared to the states. He informed Shattarako about his decision to launch the album in November when he gave him the master copy in August. Felix complained that Shattarako seized all communication with him and blocked him so he couldn’t reach him. The master copy is still with Shattarako and Felix had to come out because he has refused to talk to him. Felix is not worried about the money but wants the work done so he can launch his album.
Shattarako confirmed the story but he explained that he lost the master copy and lost Felix’s contact so couldn’t communicate with him. He hasn’t spent the money but he is having complications so he has to finish with it before contacting him. Shattarako claims he lost Felix’s contact and he spoke to him through his friends but didn’t bother to get his contact back. He missed the deadline of the launch but he will still get the work done.
Looking at the issue the guy hasn’t delivered on time and didn’t make much effort to get the work done. He revealed that the work could be done in two days but it has been 5months now and the work hasn’t been done until now. He claims he lost his contact but in this day and age it’s so easy to get information or contact of a public figure. When asked if he knew Felix’s Facebook handle he said yes but he didn’t bother to try and contact him there. The business transaction didn’t go well and would dent his image and make him loose future contracts. The album wasn’t launched because of this which goes a long way to affect the musician’s career.


Monica Otumfuor

Culled From Ampluzz

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