Fella Makafui Reacts After Ex-Boyfriend Took Away Her 2 Cars Over Dating Medikal

Fella Makafui Reacts After Ex-Boyfriend Took Away Her 2 Cars Over Dating Medikal

Self acclaimed hard-working actress called Fella Makafui loves attention and this time we guess its not the attention she wants.

In the video which is fast spreading like  virus, some ‘thugs’ from Nima seized Fella Makafui’s newly acquired Ford Mustang and Range Over.

In the background, one was saying that they had come for their cars so her new boyfriend Medikal should get her new ones.

one also indicated that Medikal could not buy the YOLO actress a new car because he doesn’t have the money to do so.

They removed Fella’s number plate from the Ford Mustang and sped off.

One man was heard screaming that “Obia Wone Master”.

However, after the video went viral, there have been several reactions from social media users.

Many have expressed their disappointments in Fella Makafui.

Most of the social media users indicated that upon all her bragging of being a hardworking lady was all done in bed.

Fella has been on the wanted list of many social media users since she snatched Medikal from Sister Derby.

However, the ‘john and john’ movie star has finally responded to the cars and shop seizing ‘brouhaha’.

On her instagram wall she wrote : ” soon come” 

She blocked comments on the photo to avoid bashings and trolls from social media users.

Sister Derby would be smiling at some ‘one corner’.

We are patiently waiting on the Sowutuom’s richest kid, Medikal to buy her lover a new car and get her a new shop as well .

Screenshot below:

Watch the video below:

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