Flying $3.5M to Brazil is worse than I thought – Hammer

imagesThe 2014 World Cup is still ongoing but Ghana’s senior national team, the Black Stars, is out. The team was eliminated from the group stages after gaining just a point for playing three matches.

This year’s tournament has seen lots of drama coming from the camp of the team.

The most talked about is the flying of money from Ghana to pay the players in Brazil before they played their last Group G match against Portugal.

Many have talked about it and legendary music producer, Hammer of the last 2 music group adds his voice to it.

According to him, the money is worse than he thought. He posted on Facebook that:

“This is worse than I thought… Government was actually able to speedily mobilize 3.5 million dollars in less than twenty four hours, bundle the cash in bags, chatter a flight from Ghana to Brazil, hire 72 Military Police, 19 Municipal Guards, 26 Squadron Ground Force Military, 14 members of the Grupamento de Operacoes Especiais de Brasilia, One Aeronautical Policia (Air Force), 2 Highway Patrol Battalion and an Air Mobile Brasilia Group to send the $3.5 million through the streets of Brasilia to the players. Woow!!! Hahaha eih!“


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