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FOKN Bois Offer Free Download of Their 18-Track Album


FOKN Bois Offer Free Download of Their 18-Track Album

You might have heard the most controversial African song of the past few months Thank God We're A Nigerians by Ghanaian Rap Duo .

We thought the barrage of insults and death threats that ensued might stop them in their tracks – actually we hoped so for their sake because they really are one of the best rap groups Africa has right now (they're responsible for the world's first Pidgen musical Coz Ov Moni) but no, they had to go and do a whole album to seemingly offend possible.

We say seemingly because with the FOKN Bois only their air-conditioners (upgrades from regular fans) are able to listen between the punch lines to grasp the true essence of their lyrics. Their latest album FOKN Wit Ewe out today.

Titles like Strong Homosexual Guys tackle homophobia, as Want To Be White addresses skin bleaching among other things, and Sexin Islamic Girls is about…well, really just what the title says. Christians, rastas, extra terrestrials…no one has been spared. FOKN Wit Ewe will either send the FOKN Bois straight to mega stardom or martyrdom, but will definitely go down in history as a classic. Best of all it's free!

Yes FREE till the Valentine week is over (6 days), after which it goes for sale. They're not bothered because they know the true air-conditioners will be back to buy the album online just for FOKN sake!

FOKN Tour Dates
13 March – SXSW, Texas
16 March – Cologne,
17 March – Berlin, Germany
23 March – Copenhagen, Denmark
24 March – Stockholm, Sweden
06 April – Munich, Germany
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Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/
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