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Food for the soul daily: In all your getting get power!


Food for the soul daily: In all your getting get power!

A man has insatiable desires which constantly drive his pursuits. It may be a quest for money, food, prestige, love, decent accommodation and knowledge.

But what you need above everything else is spiritual power. Power automatically attracts our needs. It is what makes the rest of society to submit to you.

Take for instance Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He was neither the most educated nor financially resourceful. He had no political power. Yet everyone came to him, submitted to his command. His words were life and potent. Why? He was anointed with the Holy Ghost and Power.

It came as no surprise when he instructed his disciples to tarry for power before pursuing the great commission. What is the relationship between preaching the gospel and power? He should have taught them public speaking instead. But he did not, he pointed them to power.

To illustrate with another example, the President of this Republic is not the wisest man yet everyone submits to him. Why? He is powerful

The examples abound.

Children submit to parents because of the latter’s superior power over the former. So too is it at the workplace? We submit to our bosses because they have more power.

Those who abuse you either in marriage, the court, on the road, etc. are simply exercising superior power over you.

You are perhaps unemployed, poor and even unmarried because you lack the power to do these.

That dream car, house, vacation can only be possible at a certain level of empowerment.

The men and women who are better than you are simply powerful than you.

You must understand power relations and its influence on you and others. Those who keep struggling in life have simply not understood spiritual power.

We must get to points in life where we stop pursuing success, excellence, love and accomplishments and rather seek the power to get these.

Bible says we must seek the kingdom of God and its righteousness first if we want to be rich and successful.

What is the link between the kingdom of God and becoming rich? think about it. 

You can ask the same question of electoral campaigning and power of the president. Why must you campaign in villages if you want political power?

The two have no direct link but one attracts the other.

The process to get the power that will attract your needs is different from the needs itself. 

This is true of any power relationship. The source of power is different from what you require power for.   

In politics, a politician wants to control state authority but that power rests with not acquiring university degrees but the poor masses.

What do you seek and who has the power to accomplish that?  

I will illustrate with the secret of my life. 

I go to God because ultimately all power belongs to God. 

What must I do if I want power from God? 

Matthew 6:33 say? “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” 

All things refer to the riches of life.  

To get these riches, I do not pursue riches.

Rather I pray profusely. I read my bible more than I watch the tv or stay on the phone.

I stay in the church more than I work.

I pay my tithes and offering as if I owe the church.

I stay off immorality as if police will arrest me if I am seen indulge myself.

I do unto others what I want them to do to me.

I try to live by the tenets of the Bible, teachings of my church, obey the law and play my roles efficiently.

To what end? It is the secret to getting God to work for me.

I don’t chase any of my material needs. The power of God brings these to my life.

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