Food shortage looms in Ghana as NAFCO runs out of staples

imagesThere could be an acute food shortage in the country in the coming days as the National Buffer Stock Company (NAFCO) has run out of staples, Starr News has gathered.

The situation, according to Starr News’ investigations, will also affect poultry production.

Starr News sources at NAFCO have attributed the development to government’s failure to subsidise fertilizer to farmers last year.

Programmes Manager at the Peasant farmers Association, Charles Naaba, who has expressed concerns over the development said the situation will be worsened by the fact that there will be less rains this year.

“If there is not enough rainfall and the spread is not good, it is likely to affect yield and if it affects yields, the only thing we have to do is to depend on imports because we don’t have any stock anywhere,” he lamented.

According to him, the situation is likely to result in high food prices from next month.


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