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Former VIP Member Friction Doesn’t Feel Good About Promzy’s Exit From The Group


Former VIP Member Friction Doesn’t Feel Good About Promzy’s Exit From The Group

932742455_672695Few weeks ago, news broke out that, Promzy, a member of VIP (Vision In Progress), arguably the biggest and the best musical group since the inception of Hiplife, has exited the group.

His actual reasons for this decision are not readily known, but it is believed that, he feels it’s time he moved on to other equally important projects – which is to nurse a solo career dream.

Ghanaians and loyal fans of the group have not taken the news of his departure lightly as many have questioned the sense in leaving the group now whiles some have admonished him to get back to the group to continue to churn out hits after hits.

Known in real life as Emmanuel Promzy Ababio, Promzy has not come out publicly to state his reasons for exiting the group which has brought him fame, wealth and many opportunities.

Commenting on the breakup on TV3’s New Day on Tuesday, Friction, founder and former member of the group who himself left the group after their second album said, he doesn’t feel good about Promzy’s intended exit from the group.

“I don’t feel good about it,” he told the two hostesses on the show, Ama K. Abebrese and Sandra Ankobiah, continuing that as a founder, “I left [the group] to upgrade my knowledge in music not just like to leave them alone.”

Friction, born Musah Haruna, said he didn’t come back to join forces with the group because he had several projects to work on. He said he also believed the group can stand on its own with or without him even though he founded it.

“I have a lot of projects and I know they can do it, even if I’m not there, they maintained the group and do [release songs] it. They are doing well so without me, they can even move on and do it.”

He, however, said should Promzy continue to leave as has been announced, his absence would not be missed at all because VIP was not formed and is not for a single personality.

“I don’t think that is going to affect them [Prodigal and Zeal] because VIP is not for one person. It’s not going to affect VIP because it’s a family thing [group]. it’s not going to affect Lazzy [now Zeal] or Prodigal.”

He advised that, it’s good for the group to stick together and continue to do big things in the industry than separate and lose out eventually.

“It is not going to affect the group, but it would be very good if they can stick together because Promzy has his own swag, Lazzy [Zeal] has his own fans… each and everyone has his people [fans]. It’s good to be together than separate.”

Source: Ebenezer Anangfio
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