Four household items that are destroying romance in the bedroom

imagesThey look innocent enough but these four, every-day items wreak havoc on the average couple’s sex life. Banish them from your bedroom and you’re instantly in store for a year of better, more frequent sex!

Your TV

Couples who have a TV in their bedroom have sex half as often as those who don’t: that’s a fact, supported by reputable research.

Why? It stops you both talking, it robs you of sleep (the better rested we are, the healthier and higher our libido) and it keeps you grounded in reality.

God help us all, but reality shows like The Kardashian’s suck some people into the trap of thinking what we watch on telly is actually real. It’s not.

Sex on telly is peppered with couples having more simultaneous orgasms than cups of tea. In real life, they’re actually pretty rare.

All of this leads to unrealistic expectations and constant disappointment with our sex lives.

Your iPads and phones

Ditching the telly won’t do a thing if you replace it with another device to distract you from sex and each other.

Slip into bed and pull out your ipad or phone and the effect on your relationship is even worse!

These gadgets are portable, so capable of destroying intimacy anywhere.

Foreplay should begin way before you take your clothes off and if your partner’s spent all night on their phone, giving other people attention, why would you want to give them yours?

One recent study found it’s especially harmful if one person uses technology more than the other – the second person feels ignored and insecure. Neither are emotions likely to trigger a bit of rumpy-pumpy.

A soft, lumpy bed

The best beds for good sex are firm with no hard edges.

You need a firm foundation to master creative sex positions and to be able to sit or lean on the edges without hitting anything hard.

Clean, fresh linen is inviting; scratchy, balled-up sheets, not so much (though there is something undeniably sexy about a crumpled bed that you both have just had sex in!).

A few firm pillows are perfect for lifting and supporting body bits to make sex super comfy and those more adventurous positions more ‘doable’.

Sloppy sleepwear

Well-worn, snuggly track pants and wooly socks might make us feel cosy when it’s cold outside, but they do little to get your partner hot and bothered.

I’m not suggesting tottering to bed in high heels and sexy stay-up stockings on Monday nights but aiming for a happy medium by choosing something that’s at least a little flattering isn’t too much to ask, surely?


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