From Sperm To  Human – Lennart  Nilsson

From Sperm To Human – Lennart Nilsson


FB_IMG_1449567754341Swedish  photographer has these beautiful  pictures  to see the wonders of how a human comes into being. These photos  are incredible  and brings to life the incredible wonder of creation. No matter  your religion  life is precious old enjoy these pictures  and let your imagination  sour into your own process. We all came into being like this so appreciate  it and share it with friends.

Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson spent 12 years of his life taking pictures of the foetus Developing in the womb. These incredible photographs were taken with conventional cameras with macro lenses, an endoscope and scanning electron microscope. Nilsson used a magnification of hundreds of thousands and “worked” right in the womb. His first photo of the human foetus was taken in 1965.



Monica  Otumfuor

Source; Facebook

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