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Funny Face Is More Than Just A Comedian


Funny Face Is More Than Just A Comedian

Dr. Marcus Manns, CEO and Founder of Chiropractic and Wellness Centre (CWC), has applauded the great work Ghanaian comedian Funny Face has been doing to improve people’s life and health.

Research shows that laughter is one of the best remedy to sicknesses, stress and depression. It has been proven that when one laughs, the body releases hormones that heal and repair worn and torn organs in the body.

The case of a cancer patient who laughed her way to complete healing is mostly cited as a typical example. It is in this spirit that CWC has associated itself with all comedians, especially Funny face.
Speaking at an event dubbed Vitality Rally at Movenpick Hotel, organized by CWC last week, Dr. Marcus Manns expressed great love and gratitude to Funny face for his efforts in healing Ghanaians through laughter.

He said Funny Face caught his attention in particular because of his love for what he did. “He does not only perform on stage to people who paid to watch him, but Funny face is naturally funny and happy, so he ends up making everybody laugh.

“Since laughter is medicine and heals sicknesses beyond the human imagination, I can successfully say Funny Face has healed a lot of Ghanaians. As far as I’m concerned, he is a national treasure,” he stated.

Funny Face was awarded a certification of recognition for his significant contribution and dedicated service to the people of Ghana via comedy at the event that evening. The event was described as the biggest health party to have been organized at the Movenpick Hotel.

It was an event to bring together some of the corporate clients of CWC to have fun, network and discuss their life’s journey of optimum health and wellness.

In attendance were Richie, Ofie, Inna Patty, Funny face, PY of Viasat 1 and a host of others. Staff, management and board members of top banks and other corporations were also present.

Source: News One
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