Genesis describes Tinny as Selfish

Genesis describes Tinny as Selfish


Former member of the D2 Hiplife group, Genesis, has described Musician Tinny as a selfish  and self centered individual who only seeks self glory.

He further described the Musician as someone who does not assist other upcoming Ga Rappers to rise. This is an extract of the statement Genesis made ;

“There is no doubt that Tinny is a very good rapper but all that credit of being the best Ga rapper comes to naught if you do not share your talent with wannabe Ga rappers.

 “In Ghana, his other colleagues are grooming others. I know of Obrafour helping out Guru, and Samini taking both Stonebwoy and Kaakie under his wings. What has Tinny done? Nothing..

“ If Tinny says he is the best at Ga rapper in Ghana, then it is his responsibility to train up and coming Ga rappers to be like him  or even better than him. 

“I rap in Ga so I know what I am talking about. It is not easy rapping in Ga and if I were Tinny, I would have at least trained about five people by now to take over from me now that I am no more in the limelight,

By: Samuel Nyarko

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