Ghana Dance hall Artistes And Their Acts

imagesIt’s not easy to ignore the fact that dancehall artiste are mostly the artiste with A lot of attention with the crowds these days. Usually during a show when most artiste are performing the crowd hails them but it’s a different level all together when Dance hall artiste mount the stage, They don’t have much craft but the crowd is all over them. They usually come up with so many people on the stage wearing customized shirts of their names and brand.
I don’t know if it is a requirement for their act or a hallmark. Almost all the dance hall hit makers come to the stage with so many people. Sometimes organizers have fight off some of these people because of their number. They all want to be on the stage with these artist and I keep wondering why it’s so much of a big deal. If it is security then just a few is enough but for like 20 people fighting to be on a stage to stand whiles the artiste performs is ridiculous. It’s not so amazing for such things to happen because some pastors also adopt this mechanism when they are preaching.
Another behavior they have on stage is when they come they all say this “me I represent the ghetto youth……….” Is dance hall for only ghetto people or what? then the next thing is “where my Nima people at? Or it’s Newtown or some other town the artiste resides in. Some even go to the extent of bringing their own people to join the crowd to hail and give them fans whiles their performing. Every one of them wants to prove their better than the other at all cost. Notwithstanding there are some very decent acts who have good stage craft and are able to get the crowd’s attention without manipulation.
Another thing is the point they want to prove as Dance hall King or Queen. Everybody claims to be dancehall King or Queen in the industry and create a lot of competitions which is healthy for their relevance in the industry. Another is about who is doing real dance hall music or not? What is the criteria for judging these things and does it really matter to play this cat and mouse game when you know you’re doing good? Its high time uniqueness is used to identify these artiste rather than all of them doing the same thing on stage and still think their better than the other. Am signing out now but “DJ pull up! Pull up!”


Monica Otumfuor


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