The CEO of Educate Ghana Summit Mr Boadi William has declared that considering the state of this country in fact our beloved mother Ghana is indeed OLD but not matured at all.

           He stated that, WE LIVE IN DEEDS, NOT IN YEARS because Mama Ghana need to have better achievements to become STABLE country by now, but not just 61 as a number without good achievements.
In this country, when it is dry season Mama Ghana’s children and grandchildren don’t get water to drink, when it is rainy season FLOODING usually kill us, when you hustle hard to gather money for yourself, ARMED ROBBERS attacks on you, hmmm. Mama Ghana is old but not matured.

Although, not everyone pay tax due to high rate of unemployment issue, still the few ones are paying taxes but the good uses of it too is a problem. Also, Mama Ghana is expecting us to bury her when she dies but her children and grandchildren are dying out of ROAD ACCIDENTS due to BAD ROADS and RECKLESS DRIVING in the country. We lives in a country where leaders breach OATH but nothing happens to them, we again worship them with our TAXES. LoopSelfishness is their Hallmarks too. Mama Ghana is old but not matured.

Moreover, according to Mama Ghana, after we are well educated we need to get jobs and apply what we learnt in school but unfortunately for us 90% are UNEMPLOYED. Whether you are educated or not, you have to get a job to do for your daily bread and the development of Mama Ghana, but in my country is BIG NO.

Besides, If you don’t have any godfather in a particular POLITICAL PARTY in power, no connection of jobs for you. Mama Ghana thought our leaders will build more and upgrade our hospitals, but they rather opt to travel ABROAD for medical treatment. In my country Ghana, everybody have to vote during elections but afterwards only those who have PROTOCOLS usually gets favor. Mama Ghana is old but not matured.

Finally, Mama Ghana thought her children and grandchildren will be patriotic enough to be BOLD and DEFEND her future forever and build more DAMS for electricity supply, upgrade OUR ONLY MOTOR WAY since our population is higher now, focus on agriculture and plant more cottons to feed BONWIRE KENTE weavers, ATL and GTP etc, preferably we are importing CHINA clothes, hmmm. Mama Ghana is old but not matured.

By Adomako Odrey

Citizen Kwadwo

Kingsley Adomako Odrey known professionally as Citizen Kwadwo, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger,IT Mugul, Businessman, and Web Developer. Follow : Instagram- @citizenkwadwo Twitter: @Citizenkwadwo Facebook: Citizen Kwadwo

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