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Ghana Music: The Dissappointing Progress


Ghana Music: The Dissappointing Progress

Our music industry has shown a significant progress specifically the area of hiplife. This has been possible when pioneers like Reggie Rockstone, Nananom, etc devoted their creativity and energy for the sustainability of the then new born music, hiplife.

One peculiar thing about the then hiplife was the Ghanaian identity in their lyrics which made most of us proud as Ghanaians. I thumb up for such artists. This helped pave a way for music reaching international scenes and marketing Ghana in the area of entertainment.

However, in the quest of the current artists trying to reach out to the international community, they have sought to the Nigerian style (accent) of music to the extent of using Yoruba words in their music. It either 4X4 mention “CHINEKE” in their song or KECHE mention “OMOGOMI” in their song. Where is our sense of culture? Are these good songs not promoting Nigerian music instead?

Where is our own? Rebecca of South Africa sings in Swahili but she gets international applause of her style of music. Angelique Cudjoe of Benin was loved by most music fans including those of us in the Anglophone corridor though she sings in French.

Enya of Ireland has marketed her country in the area of music though she sings in Gaelic (Irish). was a nominee in three categories in the 2010 Channel O although he doesn't sing in or Yoruba. The same can be said about Sarkodie who was nominated in the MTV Africa Music Awards (). A common of these musicians is the quality of their music and the passion they attach to it.

Our artists should know that to go international, it doesn't matter the dialect one use but the quality of the music and the passion attached to it. The likes of Ayigbe Edem and Tinny should be encouraged for using their dialects in marketing Ghana music.

Let us infuse our cultures and dialects in our music as we attempt brand Ghana. Let us wake up and make Ghana music our own for we cannot afford to loose our identity.

Source: Kingsley Ofosu Ntiri

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