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In a recent publication of an article titled “Ghana Music: The dissapointing Progress”, many commended me for the issues that I raised. Many also trivialised the issues and insulted me for disregarding the current crop of musicians who sing in English.

Inasmuch as I recognised musicians who sing in local dialects does not mean I disregard those who sing in English. How can I disregard Trigmatic, a musician who infuses culture, emotions and local dialects in his music. His style of rap is unique, no wonder he was a nominee in the 2010 Channel O Music Awards. How can I look down on Efyah, a young talent who is creating a niche for herself in Africa and world music. Her cultural-inclined-conscious music is unique and I have a strong conviction that Efyah will take Ghana to places. I cannot end this article without recognising the Dagaati Singer, Samini. Samini is a gem in dancehall music not because he sings in English but because his style is unique and original. What makes him unique is that he blends the local dialects well with the English. No wonder music analysts has termed his music “African Dancehall”.

I foresee a day when a Ghanaian will be nominated for the Grammy Awards. I will continue to analyse Ghana music with my ‘spectacle of criticism’. The future looks bright and the future is now.

God bless Ghana music.

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