Ghana Tales in the Trosky Or TroTro

Ghana Tales in the Trosky Or TroTro

imagesGhanaba Blog Entry 04: Trosky!


Tro Tro

-public transport bus, usually old enough to fail any road worthiness exam. Comes complete with driver and mate.

Being on a trosky is like watching Cantata, all of kumawood’s finest movies and at the same time while listening to TD Jakes preaching in the background. On Friday nights the experience is a half step between this world and the twilight zone…anything can happen and everything is a surprise.

Between the station and your destination you will probably experience more than most people will the whole day. From the moment you buy your boiled egg and wait for the trosky to load you will see it all… a “spiritual herbalist” selling all types of cures on your left and an evangelist with a megaphone telling you things you’ve never heard of in the Bible on your right. Vibrant “salespeople” will present a monophonic black and white device to you as an iPhone 6 for only Ghc200 and a good samaritan will attempt to sell you all manner of sexual enhancement pills and potions.

The list is endless but below are a few typical trosky situations you could find yourself in at one time or another:

1. Confusion over change
2.Arguing over change
3. Fighting over change
4.All out war over change.
5. Passing out from experiencing the most extreme smells ever known to man.
6.Passing out and missing your stop.
7. Passing out and missing your stop at 2am
8. Hearing unnecessary gossip
9. Accidentally hearing your spouse is having an affair through said gossip.
10. Meeting your next spouse
11. Short fuel
12. Breakdown
13. Being stopped and having your time wasted by police for Ghc10

Like we said anything can happen. Within the old and rusty sliding doors of a Tro Tro you will find a kaleidoscope of different personalities and experiences. A window to life at its richest. People drive home from work in air conditioned cars and still find a reason to complain, while a single mother with 3 stubborn kids holds it down every night from Makola to Taifa without fail and even if she falls asleep with her head resting on the next passenger’s shoulder they’ll let her sleep…it’s clear she’s had a long day and as Ghanabas, we are all in this together…

What are some of your most epic trosky experiences? Share with us in the comments.

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