Ghana@60: Stunning outfit, Samira Bawumia

Ghana@60: Stunning outfit, Samira Bawumia

People say she is the embodiment of feminine beauty, one who doesn’t show skin or wear the most expensive hair but still effortlessly shines brightly among women; Samira Bawumia – wife of the Vice President of Ghana, His Excellency Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia.

Today at the 60th-anniversary celebrations of Ghana’s independence from the British, the 2nd Lady of the Republic was one of the most anticipated guest appearances for one simple reason; her impeccable sense of fashion.

Lo and behold, she failed to disappoint!

Samira Bawumia today wore cream colored outfit matched with a Kente cloth and she managed to pull the look off by wearing a fascinator.

She confidently walked by her husband who was wearing a blue three piece traditional outfit which weirdly complimented his wife’s outfit.

Samira has been hailed as one of the most beautiful women in Ghana now for her amazing choices in outfits, which for many, prove that one does not have to show skin to look sexy.
It looks like the second lady has gained a level of popularity among the general Ghanaian populace for her confidence and decency and will now have to work harder at keeping up her appearances



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