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Ghanaian Gospel Musicians Lack Internet Knowledge


Ghanaian Gospel Musicians Lack Internet Knowledge

953146375_782675The chief executive officer of O.M Studios Abraham Ohene Djan has set the pace for musicians to enjoy royalties from google but the question one is likely to ask is whether all musicians will really enjoy the royalties that will be distributed by managers of the “cash cow”.

Why we are crying wolf when in reality there is no wolf will baffle you at this time because it is obvious that many musicians in Ghana especially those in the gospel fraternity know nothing about this online promotion and matters surrounding it.

Even when one takes time to explain the benefits to them, they still ignore it because they feel it does not reflect in the numbers they are looking for to buy their albums. This is where Abraham Ohene Djan and his people would need to work harder than necessary to bring such people on board.

Flex newspaper is not in to disgrace anybody in the gospel industry but it looks as if there are more people in that area whose level in education is nothing better to write home about therefore their inability to understand certain issues in online promotion. Most of the gospel artistes in Ghana are moved by the “Holy Spirit” which of course is the foundation of the gospel but there comes a time that they need to add the education factor to what they do, to be part of the growing and emerging industry.

Though the holy spirit directs them in their profession, it is our prayer and hope that most of them will also come to the realization that producing their albums is some one`s investment therefore their corporation in knowing how the industry works will go along to make the person`s investment attractive and lucrative. Solid examples can be made of an artiste like Cwesi Oteng who through the power of online promotion became one of the greatest artiste in the contemporary gospel world.

Hope you remember O.J`s issue with the organizers of African Gospel Music Awards when they invited him for the awards in London through his facebook inbox. As much as O.J was not happy alongside some other grievous issues like changing his stage name to his real name, there were some people who were still of the view that if it had been any of the secular artistes, he would have responded to the organizers without any qualms or worries at all.

Such people believe O.J and some other gospel artistes are not enthused about online activities, that is why he was offended by the act of the organizers. Any way, this issue goes beyond O.J`s scenario because it is google we are talking about, and google are money makers the world over, therefore it is always a pleasure dealing with them.

Please gospel artistes, get close to people who have knowledge in online promotion and cash in on that platform too because some people will rather enjoy from your sweat if you refuse to learn. Flex newspaper wish you guys well in the name of Jesus. Amen!!!

Source: Samuel A. Baah
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