Ghanaian Media Must Promote Patriotic Songs

imagesIt has come to the realization of music industry stakeholder’s on Ampluzz about the reduction of patriotic songs in the industry. They explained that patriotic songs are not commercial so most of the young musicians are not interested in making them
Another relevant point made was that these songs were usually played on National television at specified intervals but for some reason they don’t do that anymore. The national songs are supposed to remind us of our duty and responsibilities to our country. It also reminds us of the heroes and the parts they played in ensuring the freedom we enjoy today
It also reminds us of our history which we have lost and the way forward as a country. It gives you that nostalgic feeling and reminds you of your identity. Patriotic songs makes you proud of who you are as a citizen and encourages you to move forward.
These songs are not commercial and those who do them don’t have much rights on them because once you sing them it now becomes for the whole nation. We learn these songs right from our basic educational levels to the high school but soon we forget them.
The media has a major role to play by playing the songs we have and our generational musicians also picking up some good tunes and encouraging words to make patriotic songs. We need to be reminded every day to help build our nation. We have to awaken our conscience for the love of our country. When was the last time you listened or sang a patriotic song? Make an effort and influence someone too by sending a patriotic song for we must arise. Until then “Arise Ghana youth for your country…………………………………… “


Monica Otumfuor

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