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Mathematics Masters Degree holder Joris jungly, a USA based but by birth revealed how warm music in are in Ghana, especially when it comes to their taste and preference.

The hip hop made this known to all when he spoke about the response he had for his first single release ‘Hey Now' in the capital some weeks back.

Joris said: ‘the very day my team and I released the song in the capital, the response from the stations were amazing'.

Every DJ who had a copy showed so much love by listening to it and actually banging it on the air waves for people to have a feel of it, He added.

Further on, the artiste added that what fascinated him the most was when one radio station used the song for a segment and asked Ghanaians to vote on it, believe you- me, the response was overwhelming.

‘Ghanaians showed so much love for my first single, the passed the song and coincidentally all the other stations are still banging it just because Ghanaians want to hear ‘Hey Now', Joris Jungly lamented.

Finally he stressed that, I cannot mention all the names of DJs, various radio stations, pubs and the average Ghanaian who made sure they keep hearing ‘Hey Now' but all I can say is from my my team and I we are grateful.

This we promise that as a child of the soil, I will keep on doing music that Ghanaians love; ya'll should remember I owe you a song.

Joris Jungly could not hide his feeling of gratitude to everyone than to say thank you, but ‘hey now' was the beginning, expect more from him soon.

Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/

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