‘Ghana’s citizens’ fuel corruption’ – Lydia Forson

‘Ghana’s citizens’ fuel corruption’ – Lydia Forson

imagesGhanaian actress and blogger, Lydia Forson, has waded in on the controversy surrounding bribery and corruption scandal involving some 34 judges in Ghana.

Twenty-two out of the 34 judges are on suspension after investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas caught them on camera negotiating and receiving bribes to free suspects appearing before them.

Twelve of the embattled judges of the high court are currently under investigations in connection with the corruption scandal.

The actress who lauded Anas Armeyaw Anas for his good work in uncovering corruption also said although the judges were the ones caught, the ordinary citizens are the worse culprits.

Read her blog titled, Let he without SIN, cast the first STONE!

LADIES and GENTLEMEN!!!!!! Drumroll……… Anas Aremeyaw Anas has done it again!!!! Once again the ace investigative journalist has gone undercover to unearth what wasn’t hidden in the first place. A corrupt society!

I find it amusing whenever there’s an issue of corruption and we all exclaim oooooh aaaaaah wow like it’s such a big deal.

I don’t want to dismiss the work Anas, in fact I appreciate his efforts to try and expose the ills in our society. However, next time I hope he comes out with something we’re completely unaware off, something explosive, something to make me shiver and shock me to my core.

Because if we need this to tell us just how corrupt our country is then we’re either blind, stupid or extremely pretentious( I think it’s the latter).

Ghana is corrupt and its citizens fuel this corruption. The easiest way to make anything go away is with money.

So if you’ve never paid for a fast track passport, bribed a police man, or paid a little extra to have something done quickly for you and keep talking.

Yea yea yea, I know what you’re thinking, and trust me I’ve thought of it several times, “don’t like to pay bribe but it’s the system” right?

WRONG! The system isn’t like the Matrix run with computers or fancy tech equipment. The system is run by human beings, including you and me. The guy at the passport office, the police man at the traffic light, the secretary at the ministry are all regular human beings, they have families, friends and normal lives. And whether they know it or not are part of the system and how it functions.

So here’s the thing, the secretary has probably paid bribe to the policeman, the policeman has paid bribe to the guy at the passport office and the guy at the passport office has probably paid bribe to the secretary at the ministry. You get the cycle now?

If WE want this to stop, and I mean you and I need to fight the urge to fix everything with money. No excuses.


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