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Ghana’s First Online TV


Ghana’s First Online TV

Over the years, the need of many Ghanaians living abroad or on vacation out of the country, was how to connect to their motherland via audiovisuals.

This brought about the large transfer of Ghanaian movies abroad, yet was no cheap solution to the menace, as the movies were being sold at outrageous prices.

Subsequently, local TV channels signed onto DSTV, hoping to get across oceans which separated these expatriates from their loving homeland.

However, the cost of subscribing to these cable networks was overwhelming.

Then came the internet revolution which saw sites like springing up daily, offering TV channels online to Ghanaian at a fee.

Recently subscribers to this services started complaining calling it a scam.

However, a free independent channel will start operating very soon on the internet, and from what I’ve heard, this very TV channel called TVGH, is set to revolutionise the television industry in Ghana.

Not only are they willing to put Ghanaian TV contents everywhere, anytime through the internet, but they are also putting up homegrown shows and offering TV viewing in high definition.

The website which is yet to be launched, will work like Youtube, with streaming networks, but will be live. All you will need is your computer or laptop, be you at the office, at home, in a car, on the Sahara; you can watch live transmissions of TVGH, if you have internet connectivity. Mobile phones are not left out, as the TVGH crew promises that, iOS users and Android OS users can stream TVGH live on their phones easily without needing the technological knowledge of a rocket scientist.

The website is powered by EdgeMedia of which Yaw Amponsah-Debra is CEO.

EdgeMedia is the main company under which Edge Music, label of upcoming young rapper, Cartoon; and Edge53 Events, fall. The Edge Media team has been making great strides on the showbiz industry front in Ghana since their inception. A subsidiary of the company Sniche Klodin sponsored the video for rapper Drilickxs’, Downtown video, which by far is being held as one of the finest edited videos this year.

Rumor has it that, TVGH, is the official media partner of Ghana DJ Awards and will televise the event live and exclusively. It has however been verified that music videos submitted to Music

Of Africa will be telecast on TVGH.
According to Yaw Amponsah Debrah, the website is to be officially launched on Valetine’s Day (14th February) this year, with a plush ceremony at Explo G located at West Legon off Kissehman road. However, from 1st February to 13th February, test transmissions shall be live on the website. The official address for the site will be announced on 31 January.

We keep our fingers crossed as we wait on Edge Media Group to launch TVGH.

We only hope they give us a better service than the others but judging from their past endeavors, we expect nothing but the best from the crew. Stay onto us as we keep you updated with the more news on TVGH.

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