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Glo ambassadors to launch group album


Glo ambassadors to launch group album

As Glo Ghana prepares to go commercial, its star-studded group of music ambassadors have revealed that they would also be launching an album that would take the country by storm.

The album all the Ghanaian musicians on contract with Glo, namely Asem, Tinny, Reggie Rockstone, Edem, Irene Logan, Sharifa Gunu, Kwabena Kwabena, and the senior musicians like Gyedu Blay Ambulley, Pat Thomas and Paapa Yankson.

Glo Ghana Boss, George Andah dropped the hint about the album during the launch of the Glo “Reserve Your Number Campaign”, and described the album as “five times bigger than any album ever launched in this country.”

Even though he did not say, the album launch is expected to be of the series of big events slated to mark Glo's commercial launch into the market.

Some of Glo's ambassadors who attended the launch lauded the deal they have with Glo and also praised Glo for selecting both young and senior musicians as ambassadors.

Gyedu Blay Ambulley said he thinks Glo did smart thing in selecting both young and senior musicians as ambassadors, unlike the other telecom operators who only focus on young people and fail to appeal to the elderly in society.

“We are a people of culture and so any company which fails to blend the old and the new is not being smart and I think Glo is smart on that count – we were selected by Dr. Mike Adenuga himself and I commend Glo for that,” he said.

Ambulley said the blend of the old and new on that album will give it staying power, as well as wider appeal.

He also lauded the Glo deal as very good for him it gave him cash to invest into his music and other things, adding that some companies think senior musicians like him are not making music anymore but that is a deception.

Pat Thomas said he is happy with the Glo deal because it improved his financial condition and boosted his business, even though it also denied him invitations to certain shows, particularly those sponsored by other telecom operators.

“But I am happy Glo is about to launch because it would mean more shows and more money for us – our group album will also yield revenue in sales and royalties for us,” he said.

Paapa Yankson said even though his name Paapa Yankson is known among the elderly, not many of the young people know him but he believes his deal with Glo and the new album would be a platform to make him popular among the youth also.

Hip-life Grand Papa Reggie Rockstone was the first to have come out ahead of last year's Christmas holidays to say that until the Glo deal, his bank account was almost empty but that one deal lined his pocked with enough money to build his popular self-named club, Reggie's Place.

Reggie also lauded Glo for taking on senior musicians Ambuley, Pat Thomas and Paapa Yankson.

“Glo has been generous and as they launch it means more money for us the ambassadors from shows and the proceeds of the album sale,” he said.

Asem, who sang on his “last song for the year” album that “Glo has satisfied me”, also told Adom News he has high hopes for the Glo album, adding that the money is good and he hopes all his other colleagues got similar deals because “it encourages you to pursue the career you love with passion.”

Irene Logan said apart from the Glo album, the contract also gave her time off the stage to write and record more songs, which she would start releasing and performing this year, particularly on Glo platforms.

“I have been off stage for a while but I can't complain because it was a win-win situation for me as I got time to rethink my career and write more songs – so this is the year Ghanaians will hear more of me – lots of singles, good music and videos from Irene,” she said.

Meanwhile ace Ghanaian actor and Glo ambassador Van Vicker has hinted he will soon feature his colleague Glo ambassador and songstress, Sharifa Gunu, in a new movie he would be working on soon.

Vicker said he has already featured Reggie Rockstone and D-Black in his movies and his next pick will be Sharifa.

Vicker described the Glo deal as fantastic and disclosed that he used a major chunk of his contract money for an education plan for his children.

Sharifa said she would be glad to work with Vicker in a movie because she has been looking forward to it.

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