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God has given us wealth to be a blessing to others|Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi


God has given us wealth to be a blessing to others|Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi

Prophet Kobi and Daddy Lumba

Prophet Kobi and Daddy Lumba


In a chat with Christian Agyei Frimpong on Onua FM, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi leader and founder of Glorious Wave Ministry told listeners why she decided to give 122 car to gospel musicians as gift.

Christian Agyei Frimpong: Why give 122 cars to gospel musicians?

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi: “God has given us wealth to be a blessing to others. All things belong to Jesus. I honor gospel musicians because some of them can’t afford to buy cars which can help their singing ministry. Moving from churches to churches to minster becomes a problem for them. I gave out the cars based on the person’s achievements”

Christian Agyei Frimpong: Why not extended the generosity to ‘Secular Musicians’?

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi:“For now my calling is for the gospel musicians. Even though I gave Daddy Lumba a car it was for a reason and I will soon set up a recording studio for particularly gospel musicians who can’t afford to pay their studio fees”

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi’s car gifts include, Benice Ansah, Obaapa Christy, Sammy Cooper, Nicholas Omane Acheampong Daddy Lumba (DL) and Michael Oware Jnr known in showbiz as OJ.

By Antwi Odrey

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