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Guru Explains ‘Lapaz Toyota’


Guru Explains ‘Lapaz Toyota’

There is a growing argument over whether Ghanaian hip life musician Guru's latest hit single, ‘Lapaz Toyota', should be rated 18.

This follows claims that the song has some profane notes, with emphasis on a controversial and popular line somewhere the lyrics which some music observers interpret to mean “Lick dick”.

However, the young rapper has raised objections, saying the song has got nothing profane in it and denied usage of profane words as “Lick my dick.” “I believe in people and how they feel comfortable with what they think and how they think like. That word is not; lick my dick or hit man. No, no, no, it is far from that.

Even the starting of the song, people have their own way of interpreting. But the word is hikma, it is a hook. I got that idea from an old song. Hikma is a name,” he told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview on Saturday evening.

“No, ‘Lapaz Toyota' is not a profane song. I got this idea when I was driving around Lapaz. That was when I was planning for the new single after my ‘Mmaa Kuo'. So I was trying to target the masses and targeting the masses is all about coming out with something that can build up to that line. So I was driving around Lapaz, and I saw this well-dressed guy with the girlfriend seated by him in his car. They were kind of very happy but my only problem was the car.

You don't expect such a beautiful girl and well-dressed guy to be in such a car. So I realize oh ok….I was trying to understand the reason why they were happy. So I realized, we should be content with whatever we have.

If the car does not look so good, they are still ok with it. It is kind of a priceless thing but they cherish it. That motivated me to record the song. Somewhere along the line, while recording the song, these whole ideas came up. ‘Lapaz Toyota' is not referring to a lady rather appreciating something priceless,” he added.

Guru started singing and rapping during his school days. He was one of the rappers on Dr. Duncan's program Kasahari on Adom FM and also on Rap Attack hosted by Upper Junior on Hot FM. Guru is the first WAPPI discovery of the 2008 artiste program held at British Council for underground music artistes. He first recorded a mixtape video with Sarkodie.

In 2009, he got his breakthrough when he on Obrafour's ‘Kasiebo'. Since then, he has been shining. He subsequently released a single, ‘Democracy' which became a 16-track album featuring the likes of Kwabena Kwabena, Wutah and a number of other artistes.

At the Ghana Music 2011, he was nominated for ‘ of the Year' and ‘Hip Life Song of the Year' for the same album. Indeed, Guru has registered his name on the annals of Ghana music. Currently, he has three singles- ‘Mmaa Kuo', ‘Guru For President' and ‘Lapaz Toyota' which is reigning now.

Guru, born Yaw Adjei Yeboah Maradona, hails from Nkoranza in the Brong Ahafo Region. He started his education at Rev. John Teye Memorial School, and continued at Apam Secondary then to NIIT and IPMC. He later pursued a course at Zenith College.

Source: News One
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