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Hands Off Daniel Domelevo Now !!!!


Hands Off Daniel Domelevo Now !!!!

In our Akan dialect, it’s said that it is only the fool who recounts that they’re referring or dealing with my friend and not me.

What has this country of ours done to deserve this oblivious carelessness and sideling of working state institutions?

Should we always have tamed government institution ?

I cannot fathom the rationale behind the Economic and Organised Crime Office’s supposed investigative approach towards the office of the Auditor-General, Mr Daniel Domelevo over some procurement issues.

Twenty-one civil society organisations have backed the outspoken Auditor-General, Daniel Domelevo amid this controversial investigation from EOCO.

The well discerning populace of Ghana are just fed up with these orchestrated gimmicks of the ruling NPP of deliberately chasing impartial and vibrant government officials out of their duly mandated offices.

Should I start by citing examples?
I don’t want to be tagged as a writer with a political spectacle because I want to sound apolitical as possible.

The same calculated gimmick was wrapped up in a hullabaloo like scenario and fiercely thrown around the necks of the former Electoral Commissioner – Charlotte Osei and her two deputies. We all know the laid down plan – which starts as a petition from well meaning Ghanaians seeking for an unsolicited investigation(s) into the affairs of the targeted institution(s). As soon as this is announced, EOCO or any other ‘puppet made’ state investigative body takes a Rambo like walk into the operations of the said institution and then from there, your guess is as good as mine.

The back and forth banter between the Audito-General and EOCO is really being monitored by all and sundry and we all know that the former may be gagged soon as a result of his anti-corruption tag.

Is sidelining and silencing the Special Prosecutor – Martin Amidu not enough for this ‘all-knowing’ government ?

Hands off Mr Daniel Domelevo before the well meaning Ghanaian populace go haywire.

If the aforementioned is ignored, the concomitant occurrence that will erupt with the probable removal of the Auditor General may bring along an irreversible melancholic consequence.

Put aside the political aggravation : about 80% of Ghanaians have optimum optimism in the AG as the only lone anti-corruption crusader left in the country since he has singlehandedly revealed various rots in state owned institutions over the few years that he was appointed by the Ex-President – John Dramani Mahama.

If there is no ulterior motive behind the probe of the AG by EOCO, then, let it be discontinued as soon as possible because people feel that the government want to send the AG to the gallows for his bold attempt to clamp down on the bribery and corruption menace.

Leave Daniel Domelevo alone now !!!!

BY: Samuel Doveka
Freelance Writer
Kumasi W/A

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