Happy  Farmers Day, Ayekoo to all Farmers!

Happy Farmers Day, Ayekoo to all Farmers!

FB_IMG_1449190681545Happy  farmers day and well done to all who provide the food we eat. From the seedling to the tree, you have the patience  to wait on the crops to grow. A beautiful heart to patiently  wait for the seeds to turn into food for us to enjoy. The beauty  to nurture and groom crops and attending  to their needs at every given time. Most of your thoughts are filled with how to make a better yield so we can have enough  to eat.

When the locust ruins your crops and the winds destroy  your works you don’t  give up but come up with a better stategy. You try your best to make the best of every season  by making  food available  for us. We go to the market  and choose our choice amongst the lot then we make our meals. After setting  the table we sit  comfortable  and sometimes  forget to pray for you. When we remember  we say “God bless the farmer, the cook and the eater, Amen.”

Thank God  for farmers indeed!!!!!Ayekoooo!!!!!!


Story ;

Monica  Otumfuor

Pictures  by  Emmanuel  Bobbie

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