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Hearts of Oak Supporter Spotted Eating Banku and Okra Soup In Stadium


Hearts of Oak Supporter Spotted Eating Banku and Okra Soup In Stadium

Football fans just know how to break the law. Could you believe the unimaginable happening at Accra sports stadium when supporter of Accra Hearts of Oak is spotted eating Banku and Okra soup in the mist of other supporters at the stadium. Should we blame this on social media or is it an attention seeking ploy. A comedian once said “No wonder our banks are broke because we eat all the Banku

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It was once recorded that Kumasi Asante Kotoko fan managed to send bread and club beer to the stadium which is clearly against the rules governing the stadia. Humans are unpredictable; exposing the lapses in your security system.

In as much as it is hilariously funny, we should also be much concerned about the fact that it could be a weapon on someone who doesn’t mean well. Safety is keen and measures should be taken to protect life in densely populated areas such as the stadia.

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We should as well question the kind of security at the various stadia.

Watch the video below;

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