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“I Was Not The Cause Of Him Leaving His Family” – Helen Prest-Ajayi Clears Air About Her Late Husband


“I Was Not The Cause Of Him Leaving His Family” – Helen Prest-Ajayi Clears Air About Her Late Husband

Former beauty queen, Helen Prest-Ajayi has debunked claims that she was the reason her late husband, Dr. Oluwatosin Ajayi left his first family 35 years ago. 

Recall, a fight almost broke out between Dr. Ajayi's wives, Helen Prest-Ajayi her co-wife during his . This was after the deceased's older children struggled with Helen for the shovel at the grave side. 

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Helen Prest-Ajayi has however taken to social media to make several revelations and clear all doubts surrounding her marriage as she explained her relationship with her late husband in detail.

She wrote:

“Dr Ajayi left his family and was alone in Sheraton Hotel Ikeja for 10 years before he met me. For the avoidance doubt, I repeat,  I was not the cause of him leaving his family. I did not know him and I did not know them,” 

“He met me and left the refuge of Sheraton Hotel within a month. I was married to him for 25 years. I was not a secret. Nobody challenged me or said a word. I never had any exchange of words with his children throughout our 25 years together,”

“Instead of thanking me for caring for their father and giving him a happy life, they have sort to disrespect him, his choices and his life. What kind of children do that even at their father's graveside. 25 years is not a joke. If their father did not want me in his life I would not have been there,”

“He made it very clear he did not want their mother in his life. They did not live together or communicate with each other for 35 years. Even when he was in hospital he did not contact her though he had his phone with him. They should respect that,”

“On my part, the fact that my husband did not want their mother in his life does not also give me the licence to disrespect her, after all she is the mother of his children. Which is the reason when she was called to give the last rites I waited respectfully and quietly, expecting the same degree of respect to be given to me in turn. Of course I forgot that in the words respect, honour, dignity are hollow”

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