Help: My “hole” is too small-A desperate cry from a young lady

Help: My “hole” is too small-A desperate cry from a young lady

imagesA 27-year-old lady is appealing to doctors and gynaecologists to help enlarge her vagina which according to her is too small for penetration.

Rita, (pseudo name), speaking on Adom News lamented that, the smallness of her womanhood has led to the loss of three guys who initially dated her.

The reason, she said, was that the men were unable to penetrate her during sexual intercourse and that led to separation in various cases.

“The men tried to use whatever they could but still they couldn’t, they even used gels and creams to rub their penis but still couldn’t penetrate me…,” she lamented on Adom FM’s Evening News on Wednesday.

According to her, she bled for days when one of the men forced to penetrate her during one of her sexual encounters.

When asked if she thought the penises of the men were too big for her, she claimed that was not the case as the “hole in my vagina is too small and only my little finger can enter it.”

Rita added that, the smallness of the ‘hole’ does not even allow her to wash herself well after menstruating.

She revealed that her problem started after she once gave birth and the baby died of asthma three days later.

The disturbed lady said the vaginal walls opened for her to give birth naturally but since then, her troubles started.

Rita is therefore calling on gynaecologists in and out of Ghana to help her enlarge the sex organ to accommodate various penis sizes.


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